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The Castle of the Silver Wheel - BookLust
My reactions, reflections and deep thoughts on my readings
The Castle of the Silver Wheel
Title:  The Castle of the Silver Wheel
Author:  Teresa Edgerton
Publisher:  Ace Books
# of Pages:  About 300

Rating:  7/10

The first in Edgerton's Chronicles of Celydonn trilogy, this book picks up very soon after the Green Lion Trilogy ends.  It also includes several of the same characters- mainly, Tryffin and Gwenlliant.  Sadly, no summary is available on Amazon.com!  The story centers around a young married couple, Tryffin (21 at the start) and Gwenlliant (12 at the start), and the start to their life together in Mochdreff.  Mochdreff is a principality that is currently without a ruler, and Tryffin is sent there to act as guardian until one of the heirs is old enough and strong enough to take power.  Once there, however, he and his friends are pitted against a magician who clearly wants Tryffin dead, and power in Mochdreff for himself.

Unfortunately, for much of this book, the two protagonists (Tryffin and Gwenlliant) seemed to spend much of their time apart!  This isn't such a big quibble when one considers that Gwenlliant was only twelve at the time of her marriage and therefore, a "romance" developing might have been more disturbing than sweet.  We do see both characters- and a great many secondary characters- become much more well-rounded individuals than we might have had they been always together.  The plot itself is pretty straightforward- there is no real mystery or suspense, as we know for most of the story exactly who the villain is.  However, this book also gives a lot more information and background for some of the plot threads that were involved in the Green Lion trilogy, especially that involving Tryffin's family history.

Edgerton's main skill, in my opinion, lays mostly in her amazing ability to build a fantasy world.  Again, the chapters are prefaced with enticing and delicious fragments from Celydonn history and folklore- all of which help populate the world further.  I read this book while waiting for yet another delayed flight to take off from O'Hare, and the time passed much more swiftly because of it.  Enjoyable and fun to read, I look forward to reading the next two books in the series.

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kailana From: kailana Date: December 4th, 2006 10:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
Gah, this looks good, but all of her books seem to be out-of-print. (In Canada anyways).
kailana From: kailana Date: December 4th, 2006 11:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
It lost my comment! I hate technology. Short side of it, I intend to look for them!
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